Beautiful Bridal Hair Styles

Learn how to create Bridal and Hair-up Styles with Pam Wrigley.


You’re not alone on this course!

Pam is available throughout your membership to give you tips and advice on anything from creating the right curl to the finishing touches – In fact, she loves getting your questions and progress pictures!


Join the Student Forum, send your questions, images and get feed back on your hairstyling progress at any time. 


Become a professional bridal hair stylist today. Follow our in-depth, step-by-step tutorials and be amazed at how much you learn!


Keep Pam in your pocket when you’re working with clients and have her professional advice available at the click of a button, whenever you need it!

Health & Safety for Bridal Hair Professionals

Module 1


Watch our in-depth tutorials covering health and safety, kit advice, supplier lists and product advice for a happy client, a happy bridal hair stylist and a safe working environment.

Get the best quality equipment with Pam’s expert advice and find out how to keep your bridal hair kit in pristine condition for optimal results.

Bridal Hair Prep & Correction Foundations

Module 2


Find out how to set the right foundations & secure the hair properly to create any bridal hair style

Get answers to all those niggling concerns:

When should you wash the hair? Which curling technique works best on fine hair? Discover the answer to these questions and hundreds more!

Working with Extensions & Padding in Bridal Hairstyles

Module 3


Learning how to work with extensions will allow you to create a wide range of amazing bridal hair styles! Follow our tutorials specifically designed for working with extensions for flawless results on big styles.

Knowing how to use padding will help you push your creativity, enabling you create great wedding hair styles for different hair lengths.

Plaits & Braids for Bridal Hairstyles

Module 4


Every great bridal hair stylist must know his/her plaits & braids – they never go out of fashion!

With a great choice of braiding tutorials to choose from learn how to create Fishtail, Dutch, French, Waterfall braids (and many more), you’ll be equipped for any braided style.

Classic Bridal Hairstyles, Relaxed Wedding up-do’s & Vintage Bridal Styles

Module 5


Called ‘classic’ for a reason! These styles never grow old. Perfect your backcombing and securing techniques and learn how to create hairstyles for long, short and medium length hair.

Everyone loves the ’I woke up this gorgeous’ look of a relaxed bridal style; but all stylists know that a lot more work goes into that then it might appear! Fashions are always changing – find out how to adapt the styles and make them your own.

When it comes to vintage styles, learning these classic techniques will stand you in good stead when it comes to creating a wide variety of tried and tested favourites.

Working as a Bridal Hairstylist

Module 6


Watch Pam as she works with a bride on wedding trial and find out how she effortlessly creates different bridal hairstyles!

Being a great bridal hair stylist isn’t just about creating beautiful wedding hair styles, you also have to know the ins and outs of working with your clients and how to keep them happy.

Find out how to execute the perfect trial run and keep your cool on the big day…