Who are AQA?

AQA is the largest provider of academic qualifications taught in schools and colleges.

With over a century of qualifications expertise AQA qualifications are internationally recognised and taught in 30 countries around the world.

AQA Unit Award Scheme

With Create Beautiful Hair you will benefit from AQA’s Unit Award Scheme.

This is a unique recording of achievement scheme, rather than a qualification.

It offers everyone the opportunity to have their achievements formally recognised – no matter what this is, how old they are, how long it takes or how small the learning step might be.

Unlocking Potential

AQA support inspirational teachers by providing the syllabus and resources that help them bring their subject to life.



When searching for a course, I was looking for something I could do with little experience. I had only had experience doing my own hair until this course. I now feel like I could do any of the styles. A truly inspirational lady who has taken my confidence up massively. Thank you!


Five Stars!


Pam is the most lovely lady and wonderful teacher. After doing this course I feel like I have the foundations to do anything. Would highly recommend!