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Bridal Hair Training with Pam Wrigley

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Where ever you are in the world  . . .

Learn how to create beautiful Bridal Hairstyles

Suitable for ALL experience levels!


Yes, agreed! I heard through several Facebook groups about CBH

and can happily say, girls you’re right!

Pam is a great educator . . . and the course content is perfect!


Bridal Hair Styling & Wedding Makeup Courses

Award-winning tutors, small groups and lots of hands on practice make for an amazing learning experience.

Bridal Hair Styles

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Join us in London Manchester Birmingham 

Bristol & Worldwide with CBH

Online Bridal Hair Training


Bridal Hair Courses:

With a wide selection of bridal hair courses available around the UK and online we’ve got something for everyone!


0% Credit available on all courses         Discounted Insurance available.

  • Really loved so much this course

    i’m from Chile and my native language is spanish, but i understanded everything.

    Pam is very patience and explain everything so generous . . .

    the videos are very good to refresh everything you learn, a big big experience.

  • A fantastic investment

    I walked in a beginner and now I can do any style I’m asked to do!

  • The course is fantastic.

    Honestly, I had no experience in hair styling before I found this course.

    There is so much to learn including many different styles.

    I gained a lot of knowledge, new skills and confidence.

    Pam is amazing, lovely, friendly and very helpful.

  • Fantastic!

    As an experienced hair dresser I would recommend this course to anybody new to hair or experienced!

  • It was the most fun I’ve had learning a new skill!

    Pam is the best teacher – clear with a lovely friendly manner and very genuine.

  • Absolutely fab

    Pam is great! It was good fun and I learned load of really useful tips in the two days

    . . . the course made me feel really confident!

  • I really enjoyed the online course!

    The tutorials were really easy to follow & very well explained.

    I have a few weddings lined up & I’ve done some prom hairstyles  

    Brilliant course & definitely worth doing!

  • I’m much more confident with hair ups now

    Usually I fret about bridal hair, but I have a booking for a trial tomorrow & feel so eager to do it!

  • Pam is by far the best tutor I have ever had

    If you are thinking of doing a hair up course, I would absolutely recommend CBH.

    The course gives you the core essentials to create beautiful hair that wont fall down!

  • Great course!

    I’ve been hairdressing for a number of years & felt I needed to update my skills.

    I now have more to offer my clients & feel much more confident.

  • The 2 day hair course was a really enjoyable!

    A great vibe from Pam & her team & very positive throughout.

    I had so much fun & learned lots & lots!

    Lee Marsh
  • You will be truly amazed at what you learn in just a matter of days!

    I have been on other courses & without a doubt this was the best.

    Very in-depth, well structured, professional & the most helpful!


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